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Hello, and welcome to our blog/website, created by the owners of the Weimaraner Club page on Instagram. If you have not heard about our page or community before, we are a page with over 57,000 followers as of the time of writing, over 4,200 posts, and still going strong even after two straight years of continued posting. We specialize in featuring a large community of Weimaraners, ranging from dogs, pups, long-haired, blue, you name it!

Weimaraner Club's page as of April 25, 2021
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The Weimaraner Community Had Clear Flaws

Now you might be asking, “Why bother making this website when you already have such large platform already?” When looking through the plethora of websites about Weimaraners, a lot of them were informational sites with general information about the breed. However, one glaring issue was that they were typically ran by one person, sometimes lacking the qualifications of owning a Weimaraner. So, when looking for advice and tips, taking such a small sample size with questionable legitimacy was a concern. We want to keep our Weimaraners in the best conditions after all!

However, one glaring issue was that they were typically ran by one person, sometimes lacking the qualifications of owning a Weimaraner.

Furthermore, as we were posting on Weimaraner Club, we noticed that a lot of people were directly messaging our page, asking for advice. This ranged from medical issues, behavior issues, and even breeder recommendations. As much as we’d like to help everybody, being located in the east coast meant that we would not be able to help with recommending breeders across the world, not being a licensed veterinarian made giving medical advice a potential liability in cases of misdiagnoses, and simply by the fact that all Weimaraners are different.

As a result, we wanted to make a place where people in Weimaraner Club can share their stories and experiences about getting their first Weimaraner, training/growing their Weimaraner, and any other anecdotes a Weim owner would want to share here. We know that there are plenty of Weimaraner owners who want to share their pups and we also know that there are people who’d like to listen to their stories, so we hope that this blog serves as a way to merge those two needs together.

Mr. Blue Weim, a valued member of Weimaraner Club
@mr.blue_weim, member of Weimaraner Club
The Future of Weimaraner Club

We are focused on bringing in as many personal stories as possible. As for the future of this page, we plan on adding a bunch of other ways to help provide additional services and benefits related to Weimaraners slowly but surely, so please make sure to check back frequently to see what upcoming projects and updates we have in store for you! Feel free to explore anywhere around the site and enjoy your stay at the Weimaraner Club!


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